About Me

I am an avid explorer. My desire to learn, know, experience, and understand the world led me to live and work abroad for 7 years in Asia and Africa. I am driven by a genuine, persistent desire to understand other's perspectives and the life experiences which have shaped those views. My warm, personable nature helps me to connect with both research participants and business stakeholders, while my eagle-eyed perceptiveness drives me to probe further in research activities to discover the underlying motivations in human behavior. I deeply value contributing to work which results in the development of tools, products, and processes that empower people in their work and daily lives.

I employ a wide variety of methods in my research which range from card sorting, to surveys, in-depth interviews, contextual inquires, competitive analysis, and prototype testing. I strive to discover the relationships and patterns of behavior which underpin the various issues I study. I analyze data from various angles and I am able to grasp the big picture while zooming in on the fine details that serve as catalysts. 


I enjoy taking deep dives into new realms of knowledge to discover the interconnectedness between diverse fields. And as a lover of data for over a decade, I often serve as the bridge between subject matter experts and data scientists and engineers by fusing qualitative insights, identifying data selection and data sources, and advising on how data variables are interrelated to guide the development and optimization of robust and reliable ML models.


in the end, she became
more than what she expected.
she became the journey,
and like all journeys,
she did not end, she just 
simply changed directions 
and kept going. 
                                ~ r.m. drake

My Former Start-Up

was an online platform to connect        expecting parents & parents of infants and young children to nanny candidates that had been pre-screened through a built-in personality and aptitude assessment.

It also facilitated the establishment of trust and ease of interaction and contractual negotiations with a market-based suggested weekly salary range algorithm, automatic generation of employment offer letters, enabled nannies to submit counter-offers, and offered viewable CPR/First Aid certificates, and SMS notifications.